Indigenous Peoples Are the Natural Guardians of the Planet and Ecosystems in Which Live.

Indigenous peoples are the natural guardians of the planet and ecosystems in which live. Evaluation, analysis and reclamation are pivotal to protection efforts and are best conducted by those with natural bonds to and understanding of their environment. 


Environmental services refer to qualitative functions of natural non—produced assets of land, water and air (including related ecosystem) and their biota. The environmental services industry covers a broad range of private and public sector activities focused on protecting and improving the environment in which we live, including environmental consulting and testing, site investigation and remediation activities and technologies, abatement of hazardous contaminants, and restoration and repair of damages in structures. 

Qualities & Interests well suited to a career in Environmental Services: 

  • Concern For The Environment 
  • Concern For Human Health And Safety 
  • Interested in science and its applications 
  • Analytical  
  • Legal Literacy 
  • Determined and enthusiastic and confident 

Hands on with nature

  • Careers in Environmental Services: 
  • Environmental specialist. 
  • Environmental technician. 
  • Marine biologist. 
  • Wildlife biologist. 
  • Microbiologist. 
  • Microbiology technician. 
  • Environmental consultant. 
  • Environmental scientist. 

Discovering Potential Through Opportunity