Edmonton Elks Football Autographed by J.R. LaRose

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Edmonton Elks Football Autographed by #43 JR LaRose

JR LaRose is a 2011 Grey Cup champion. A proud member of One Arrow First Nation, he is an ambassador for Aboriginal peoples. He is an accomplished speaker speaking and facilitating over 400 presentations throughout Canada and the United States since 2008. A proud family man JR’s path to success has been a long and hard fought journey. Growing up in low incoming housing in Edmonton’s inner city didn’t exactly set JR up for success but it did give him the drive to succeed. JR grew up without a father. His father, of Nigerian heritage, was deported back to his native country before JR was born. JR never met his Dad.

The family JR did have, he watched struggle with drug addiction, specifically his Mom. JR’s Mom, Barbara, was a survivor of the Residential School system, where many First Nations children were torn from their families and culture only to be abused by those who promised them an “enlightened life”. The abuse experienced by Barbara not only affected her life but also the lives of her children. Turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of an abused past, turned Barbara away from her responsibilities as a mother to her two children. Without the guidance and support of parents in his life JR easily could have fallen into a life of crime and drugs, like many of those around him.

However, through the power of sport JR’s life was to take a new path. Being taken in by a family at a local church was the catalyst to a new life for JR. The family that took JR in introduced him to the sport that would forever change his life. Starting football at the age of 15 gave JR an opportunity to develop skills and build confidence. It would also be the beginning of a long and passion filled career as a football player. Fast forward to 2011. JR is the starting safety for the BC Lions. A six year veteran of the CFL, JR realized a childhood dream of hoisting the Grey Cup as a champion of the sport that gave him a second chance at life.

This year JR completed his ninth season in the CFL and fith with the BC Lions. JR strives to achieve success not only on the field but off as well. His pride in his Native heritage and his heart for his fellow Aboriginal people was the inspiration behind his speaking tour. JR is a gifted speaker, whose story of redemption is universal, breaking down racial and generational walls, bringing forth a sense of hope and humanity. JR’s determination not to let a dark past rob him of a bright future has inspired thousands. He hopes to inspire thousands more.

Recognized by his team as a community leader, JR has been awarded the team’s Jamie Taras award of Community Service for four straight years. He has also been nominated for the Canadian Football League’s Tom Pate award four times, which honors the player who demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship, contribution to his team, contribution to his community, and contribution to his association. JR is a spokesperson for BC’s Be More Than A Bystander campaign. JR travels with other speakers to bring awareness and to educate youth on the issue of violence against women. JR hopes to continue to contribute to his team and his community as he endeavors on new ventures; always striving, always achieving.

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